Buzzidil Versatile

Fits for tiny, fits for tall, fits for big and fits for small. Fits for you all. 

Buzzidil is pioneer for soft structured buckle carriers growing steplessly with babies since 2010. By means of a few adjusments you can adapt Buzzidil babycarriers to your baby’s size. And Buzzidil babycarriers are of course also adaptable for babywearers.


Our new Buzzidil version, Buzzidil Versatile now also fits perfectly for very small and / or very slender babywearers. By means of the new shoulder belt shortenings the shoulder belts can be adjusted to babywearers of a size of 1.6 m | 5.2 feet and smaller. However, the padding of the shoulder belts remained at the same size as before so that tall babywearers (like the Dad in the right picture below being 1.96 m | 6.43 feet tall) or muscular babywearers still enjoy the comfort hitherto existing.

Also the strap solution on the hipbelt is new and allows to shorten the hipbelt until a length of 60 cm | 23.6 inches only . This works by means of the (femal) hipbelt buckle which you can position on the hipbelt padding.

With the hipbelt it’s the same like with the shoulder belts: The padding remains to be as long as before and therefore Buzzidil Versatile is also comfy for babywearers being not that slender.

0MonkeypackThe new hipbelt of Buzzidil Versatile also offers an additional feature as it allows the fixing of a belt pouch.

Our Monkeypacks are a perfect accessory here. When fixed on the Buzzidil hipbelt you can take your most important necessities with you (like purse, mobile, keys and of course a nappy) without the need of a rucksack or shoulder bags.

Front Carry, Back Carry & Hipseat

10eLast but not least Buzzidil Versatile also offers a new carrying position. It can not just be used as front and back carry but also as hipseat:

Especially for short errands or for inbetween whilst enjoying playground time you can fold your Buzzidil Versatile as a hipseat. So parents can avoid extremely twisting their spine – a back saving hip carrying alternative.

All details about Buzzidil Versatile, its features und the carrying positions it offers you can find in our instructions manual

Here you can buy Buzzidil Versatile babycarriers. Love to wear!

Klicke, um auf InstructionBuzzidilVersatile.pdf zuzugreifen

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